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Document Design

From a simple clean up of an existing document, a large formatting job or
a fully functional wizz-bang template, we can do it all.

Miss-Organisation's template designs can include your company's styles and fonts, automatic updating of headers and footers, customised toolbar -- allowing easy application of styles and consistency of formatting, tables of content and automatic cross-referencing -- enter the information once and it populates throughout your document automatically!

Our in-house graphic designers, formatters and programmers guarantee
to create attractive, user-friendly documents. Your staff will be able to
easily produce consistently branded and professional documents for
your business.

This service is our specialty and since we do this every day we work at
the speed of light!
Very convenient for large projects or urgent turnarounds.

Our templates are created with Microsoft Office using PC versions 2003, 2007 and 2010, ensuring compatibility with your systems. We recommend Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook templates to streamline your business processes.

Download our free template sample pack

View our YouTube 'Introduction to Word Templates' video

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