Changing letter case

In any MS Office program/version press Shift + F3 to change case from lower, capitalised to all upper case. This can be done by placing the cursor in a single word or by highlighting a bunch of them. This is handy for those who do not have the sound activated on Caps lock and do not notice that they have been accidentally typing in caps. Rather than deleting just…

Copying from websites

If you find some interesting text on a website that you wish to use and adapt into word, highlight and copy in the normal way first.

When you paste though, use the Paste Special Option to insert as Keep Text Only. That cuts out all the fancy formatting and hyperlinks that may be embedded, and leave you with fresh text to format according to your companies style guide.

Adding lines in word, the easy way

There are a few quick and easy ways to add full lines in the word program.

For a normal line insert three hyphens — then press Enter.

For a bolded line type three underscores ___ then press Enter.

For a double line type three equals signs === then press Enter.

For a thick line with thin lines above and below type three hashes # # # then press Enter.

Pick up where you left off

When working on large documents it can be annoying to open the document and find the cursor flashing on the first return of the first page. In order to pick up where you left off (whether it be I the middle/end) as soon as you open the document press Shift + F5. The cursor will then appear in the exact position that it was in when you last closed the document.

Features of Word 2013

Works great on Tablets and PC.


Double-tap with your finger or double-click with your mouse to zoom in and make tables, charts and images in your document fill the screen. Then tap or click again outside the object to zoom out and continue reading.


Reopen a document and keep reading right where you left off. Word remembers where you were—even when you reopen an online document from a different computer!


Open PDFs in Word like you would open any other document. Your PDF will open as a fully editable Word doc. Edit paragraphs, lists, and tables just like you would in any other Word documents. Please note: All formatting will come through, but only as ‘Normal’, it will not pre-select and apply styles.


Upon ‘Insert’ and ‘Online video’ you can then search for a video in the search bar that appears and users can then watch the video in the word doc without any interuptions.


Get a live preview as you resize and move photos and shapes in your document. The new alignment guides make it easy to line up charts, photos, and diagrams with your text.


Upon opening Word 2013 it offers a variety of basic templates for layouts such as reports, blogs, certificates, calendars etc.


You can select read mode and Word will flow the text to fit the screen you a working on, for even less distraction, you can hide the toolbars.
While in read mode you can carry out important functions such as: highlight text, translate it or look up the definition of a word, through a simple right click


Mark ups and comments are displayed in a clean mode until click the small red line or comment icon, then you can see reviewing and comments as well as the people that made them, by hovering on the person’s name you can call, email, IM or video chat. Alternatively you can directly reply to comments.