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Drop caps

In order to add drop caps in paragraphs in Word 2007-2010, you will have to do the following:

  • Click on the starting of a paragraph.
  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • Select Drop Cap from within the Text group in the ribbon.

This capitalises the first letter at the start of the selected paragraph.

You can personalize this option further by clicking on Drop Cap Options from the menu. Here you can modify the position, lines to drop as well as the font for the Drop Cap.

Add this to various paragraphs for a creative, artistic looking document.

Pick up where you left off

When working on large documents it can be annoying to open the document and find the cursor flashing on the first return of the first page. In order to pick up where you left off (whether it be I the middle/end) as soon as you open the document press Shift + F5. The cursor will then appear in the exact position that it was in when you last closed the document.