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Rename old emails in outlook

Something that happens to all of us is having important emails, but never being able to find/file them due to the name that most of the time bears little resemblance to the contents.

Open the email and re-type the subject line, you will be prompted to press save before exiting. Your email will now be saved with the new subject line.

Outlook attachments

Most users know that if you copy a file you can paste it into the body of an email to make it attach.

Browse your system and find the file you want to attach to a message.

Click and drag the file from its folder into the Inbox panel location (dropping it on any message in the inbox). This creates a NEW message and attaches the file in one action. Now simply address it and add a message.

Changing letter case

In any MS Office program/version press Shift + F3 to change case from lower, capitalised to all upper case. This can be done by placing the cursor in a single word or by highlighting a bunch of them. This is handy for those who do not have the sound activated on Caps lock and do not notice that they have been accidentally typing in caps. Rather than deleting just…