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Selecting multiple file

When you’re selecting a bunch of files in Windows 7, what’s your method? Do you drag a box around them and hope you don’t ensnare anything extra?

For few files hold control and click the desired files. Alternatively if you need a solid bunch of files; click the first one then hold shift and click the last one (you can now release the shift button. You can also use Ctrl+Click on top of this grabbing the stray files.

‘F’ keys

When you’re working in an application, depressing this key will bring up the application’s Help menu. If there is no open application, F1 will open Windows Help for you.

The F2 key is used to rename a selected item or object.

If you press this key it will display the Find: All Files dialog box.

This function key selects the Go To a Different Folder box and moves down the entries in the box (if the toolbar is active in Windows explorer).

This key is one of my favorites. Depressing this key refreshes the current window. In Internet Explorer F5 will Refresh the web page.

Moves among panes in Windows Explorer.

If you happen to be in Microsoft Word, depressing this key will start the Spell check operation for you.

This key can be used to start in Safe Mode if depressed during your boot up.

In Excel, pressing this key will calculate all formulas on a worksheet.

This key will activate menu bar options. Use right and left arrows to select menus and down arrows to display pull down menus.

If you’re in Internet Explorer, this key will allow you to toggle between full screen viewing mode and normal viewing mode.

If you’re using a Mac this key will eject a CD for you.